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She may be the "Princess of Pop" but she holds the "Queen of Style" title for years. Let's ignore for a while her unspeakable beauty -even though it's hard. Rihanna rocks every single outfit. From couture to swag -and there's a long way between those two- Riri looks amazing in everything that she wears.Yes, sometimes she may be overdoing it, but what the hell? She's Rihanna, she can do or wear whatever she wants. And yes, some other times she's a little bit "too sexy" but we-like-it. 'Cause she's gorgeous, and she knows exactly the way to attract attention.


I woke up today and I received a message from StyleChat Blog saying I was tagged in their latest blog post to be a part of the Liebster Award! Well, thank you very much! Honestly, my first reaction was "what is dis" but after having a read through the post (you should check it out here it's great) I discovered it's a tag for newbie bloggers with under 200 followers to help get them and others recognition! Looks like fun so why not!?


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